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Introduction of plate heat exchanger

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The plate heat exchanger's full welding, no rubber gasket seal and high temperature and high pressure resistance characteristics make it used as a raw water heater, a heat exchanger can be used to replace the original steam desuperheater + complex control device + plate heat exchange Device. It has the advantage of directly using high-temperature heat sources to increase the heating temperature difference or heat transfer driving force, which can reduce the heat exchange area of the heat exchanger or equipment investment costs. Eliminating the steam desuperheater and complex control device in the process flow can reduce the investment cost of the system. The plate and shell heat exchanger adopts a fully welded structure and has no rubber gasket seal, which can directly subtract the cost of replacing the rubber gasket, which greatly reduces the equipment maintenance cost. At the same time, the high temperature and high pressure resistance of the plate and shell heat exchanger and the ability to operate with a large temperature difference improve the operational safety of the entire system, and the heater will not be damaged when the water is cut off due to a fault. Plate heat exchanger products are widely used in chemical, refrigeration, energy and other fields.

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