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ATICL core advantages
The effective heat exchange of the plate heat exchanger (PHE) is not only carried out in the narrow space between the plates, but also in the many gaskets between the plates. In practical applications, the gasket is considered to be the most important and most demanding part in PHE. The gasket must not only seal the fluid so that it does not leak to the external environment, but also prevent the exchange of fluids from each other. mix. Therefore, the development of gaskets directly determines the application areas of plate heat exchangers.
ATICL senior experts have successfully developed more than ten kinds of rubber types for various processes and fluids through long-term research and systematic scientific physical and chemical experiments, which can satisfy all the plate heat exchangers currently on the market. Process requirements.
ATICL can also provide different brands of plates and gaskets according to customer needs.

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Maintenance essentials for plate heat exchanger

1. The small plate spacing of the plate heat exchanger means that the flow velocity between the plates is high, and the scouring is very large, and the plate heat exchanger is a corrugated plate, and the corrugated plate will form a high degree of turbulence. Scale is the precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions in the water to form calcium carbonate (CaCO3), but now that we have high turbulence, these scales will be dissolved back. Therefore, high flow velocity and high turbulence are equivalent to a self-cleaning ability. The equipment used in the Yangtze River basin of China does not need to be cleaned because the Yangtze River water is softer than the Yellow River water, and the rate of scaling is lower than the self-cleaning ability of our equipment. . If it is the Yellow River basin, it needs to be cleaned, and even in some occasions, it cannot be used because the water in the Yellow River is very hard and it is very easy to scale. It is best to ask the customer to provide a water quality report, and I will help you to see if it needs cleaning in the future. If the customer is not convenient to provide it, just tell me the carbonate content (also called temporary hardness) in the water.

2. Backwashing means changing the original inlet into an outlet and the outlet into an inlet, flushing with high-pressure water. The construction method is very simple.

3. As for the problem of internal fouling, there are two types of fouling, one is large solid particles. This kind of fouling needs to be equipped with a filter by the customer, and it is OK to filter it out. The other is usually called scale. If scale is really formed, will the plate spacing become smaller after the scale is formed, then the flow rate will increase, and the pressure loss will increase. You can usually observe the pressure gauge. If the pressure The pressure loss shown on the table is much larger than our design value or the pressure loss during normal operation, which means that there is fouling and cleaning and maintenance are required.


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